Galil Yarden Ltd. is a family-owned business that accommodates services for moving and storage facility in our vaults around the globe. We will guarantee that your goods are always insured and protected, and can assist you with import, export, insurance and inspection - Galil Yarden can offer you a peace of mind.  Where the private buyer would come across complex obstacles communicating with the storage companies, our designated service specializes in mediating and monitoring any parcel and brings this important information right to your fingertips.

Our storage facility is designed to cater to unique storage services, providing various sizes of personal storage to meet your exact needs saving you a lot of money. Whether you are looking for a secure vaults and storage facilities through its global network, for short or long-term storage, we can offer you the required solution.

Security at each vault is paramount. Physical surveillance and security systems, in unison with the vetting and training of our staff, are complemented by our global monitoring and response station ensuring uncompromised security at all times.

Private and discreet, Galil Yarden provides a secure environment for purchases through an exclusive relationship with international transport and secured-storage firms.  Our reliable correspondent agents are located around the globe and also maintain safe storage facilities in the non-taxed “Free Zone” adjacent to Geneva International Airport, where the major auction houses also store valuable items. Galil Yarden also cater your requests of consignment & delivery to a secure storage around the world with any of our expert correspondence (Malca-Amit, Brinks, Fedex, TNT, Ferari), to suit your preference.

Secure inspection facilities available at our locations around the world.  With our correspondence, that provides a neutral and secure location enabling companies to show their precious goods to prospective and current clients. Our experts are on constant stand-by ensuring a discreet and professional environment within the Secure Zone with full CCTV coverage. Additional security, including armed guards (subject to local laws and regulations), is available on request.